Monday, April 13, 2009

Piolo Pascual's Manila Breaks a Deal with Star Cinema

Piolo Pascual ManilaPiolo Pascual has gone indie again. But this time, he's one of the producers. And just lately, Piolo appeared before Star Cinema's panel of executives which consisted of Malou Santos and Olivia Lamasan, among others.

Piolo felt like defending his college thesis all over again as he tried to convince Star Cinema bosses to distribute the film for them. The film remains to be indie, but not digital. Manila is shot in 16mm film, then blown up to 36mm to fit cinema theater screens.

Manila is a remake of Lino Broka's two films, Manila and Jaguar. And as such, it is a twin bill, where Piolo Pascual stars. Included in the film are prized actors and actresses in the likes of Rosana Roces, Alessandra DeRossi, and Baron Geisler, among others.

Piolo was successful in his deal because he was able to win Star Cinema's consent in distributing the film.

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