Friday, August 22, 2008

Piolo Pascual's New Indie Film, "Manila"

After convincing his handlers to do an indie film, Piolo Pascual is excited with his new but highly unglamorous role in "Manila". This one's a story of druggie rocker who also works as a bodyguard. Piolo's role is a poor drug addict who lives in the slums of Manila.

This new movie is very far from Piolo's matinee idol roles. The setting is dark and his character is shady so expect to see a very different Piolo Pascual. "Manila" is a remake of movie classics "Jaguar" by Lino Broca and "Manila By Night" by Ishmael Bernal.

Piolo will star with Baron Geisler and Alessandra de Rossi in this movie. The movie is written by Raya Martin and Adolf Alix. Piolo Pascual is a co-producer of the movie.

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