Thursday, April 8, 2010

Piolo Pascual on The Buzz Magazine Cover

Piolo Pascual is currently busy gracing the cover pages of local magazines. He is recently busy with the already concluded Heartthrobs Tour 2010. He, along with Sam Milby and Bea Alonzo have just returned from the US after a very successful series of shows. Right now, you can enjoy him in the latest copy of The Buzz Magazine, which featured starts contemplating a network switch. Be reminded that there are strong issues about Piolo Pascual transferring to the rival network not so long ago.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Piolo Pascual is Star Studio's Sexiest in 2010

Nothing would describe Piolo Pascual more than the word sexy. And that has been confirmed anew when he was hailed as the sexiest male celebrity by Starstudio Magazine. He shares the fame with fellow Lobo actress Angel Locsin. Angel was the sexiest female celebrity and Piolo was the sexiest male.

In the feature article alloted to both of them, the two were one in saying that sexiness is not really about having a beautiful body. But being comfortable with who you are and having beauty shining from within.

Other stars who made it into the list are Matteo Gaudicelli, Albert Martinez, Atom Araullo, Dennis Trillo, and Chris Chiu.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Vice Ganda Prefers Piolo over Sam and Jon Avila

In a recent interview by, Showtime's resident judge Vice Ganda was asked whom he wants to be textmates with among today's hot celebrities. Vice Ganda became popular for his tagline "May nagtext" in the said show.

Despite admitting that Jon Avila was his long-time crush, Vice openly said that Piolo Pascual is his first choice. And that he wants Piolo to text him, "I'm free tonight." His second choice was fellow Heartthrob Sam Milby and he wanted him to text "Hey, I'm also free tonight." Jon Avila was the third person he wanted to be text mates with. Piolo is really the dream guy of all, gays and straights alike.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eugene Domingo Wants to Give Piolo an Award

KimmyDora star Eugene Domingo says she badly wanted to nail an acting award this year for her launching film that is co-produced by Piolo Pascual. She said that with her many nominations on major award giving bodies, she would like it a lot if she can get just one, even if it's a tie or a triple-tie for the glory.

The gesture to give Piolo her acting trophy will be a sign of gratitude for he recognized her star potential. The box office resutls of KimmyDora is impressive that the same people who produced are looking forward to make a sequel. In the mean time, Uge is wishing for that award.

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