Monday, June 22, 2009

Piolo Pascual Hopes to Produce More Films

The first movie that Piolo Pascual produced is Manila. And it's a great indie project, given the fact that it was recognized at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. And right now, it has received invitations to 8 more international film fest, including the Moscow Film Fest.

Piolo wishes to join the team to Moscow but he said he might not be able to due to his previous commitments. Manila also gave Piolo the rare chance to be nominated as Best Actor in Cannes.

Right now, Piolo will be producing a commercial film and not another indie movie as previously reported. The main characters are Eugene Domingo and DingDong Dantes, which will be a comedy flick. The working title is Kimmy Dora (Kambal sa Kiyeme). This one will be directed by his close friend, Joyce Bernal.

When asked if he would like to direct as well, Piolo said it's a tough job. He is not into venturing to it right now but he can't tell. Maybe in the future. He's just an occasional producer but he hopes to be successful here and that he can make more projects in the future.

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