Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Pop Icons: Fans Clamor for a Repeat

Pop Icons ConcertWith the highly successful Pop Icons concert last Saturday, organizers and fans request nothing but a repeat performance. It was the concert of the year, no less if you ask the fans of the five male stars who were on the stage that night. Christian, Mark, Eric, Sam, and Piolo sang and danced for the big crowd before them. They were also joined by their friends in the business, particularly KC Conception and AiAi de las Alas, who had made a naughty act right on stage.

The Pop Icons will go to Bacolod on Saturday, for the last leg of their concert. Until the repeat is final, fans can only hope that they'll see the five again perform together in a major production. The chances for a repeat is high though, as the Pop Icons is backed up by the actor's respective endorsements such as Belo and Bench, among others. Pop Icons is a production of Asap Live and Sunday Night Production.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Pop Icons Concert at the Araneta Last Night

The main event happened last night. Piolo Pascual, along with the Pop Icons sang, danced, and serenaded everybody at the big dome. It is indeed a big show with a big audience. Even the rich and famous were there last night. The five had performed in Dagupan and Cebu previously and those shows made a good showing too.

KC Concepcion, Piolo's next on-screen partner watched the show and even went up the stage to join in the fun. Piolo and KC's rapport is a big teaser to their upcoming teleserye, Lovers in Paris, and a movie.

The show last night was a huge success. For those who failed to watch it, catch Piolo and the rest of the crew in Bacolod on February 28. Congratulations to the Pop Icons. Until your next major concert together!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Piolo Pascual on WoWoWee

Piolo Pascual on WoWoWeeWith the Pinoy Icons concert fast approaching, Piolo Pascual is in the limelight again. He filled in the shoes of WoWoWee host Willie Revillame yesterday, when the latter was out nursing an illness.

Piolo Pascual hosted the Willie of Fortune segment together with another Star Circle actress, the sexy Angelica Panganiban. Piolo Pascual, along with the Pop Icons, namely Eric, Christian, Mark, and Sam also performed a song number to formally invite the live audience and the televiewers to watch their upcoming concert at the Big Dome.

The Pop Icons concert is slated for tomorrow, February 21. The five said that they have no TV coverage so fans don't have much choice but to go to Araneta to see the five perform as they won't see it on Sunday's Best.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Pop Icons at the Waterfront

Piolo Pascual Pop IconsBefore the pop icons perform for their Manila audience, these five good men will grace the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu first. Their concert, the Pop Icons is slated for Valentine's Day, February 14. It is the perfect date concert for everybody in Cebu - but the event is also perfect for any other loveless woman. With five handsome men serenading your night away, you surely wouldn't want to spend Valentine's Day alone.

With this out-of-town gig during the official heart's day, it seems like Piolo and the rest of the crew won't be celebrating Valentines with their respective special someone. Well, let's just see which pretty lady in the audience would captivate these great guys. The Manila version of this concert would happen on February 21. The Pop Icons concert is a production of ASAP Live.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Piolo Pasual at Gary V's Concert

Piolo Pascual may not have a TV show or a new movie right now. But he's still as busy as a bee. With his concert, the Pop Icons scheduled very soon, who would have thought that he'd still grace Gary V's concert the day before it?

Gary V has a repeat concert of his celebration of 25 years in the industry. Piolo Pascual was one of his guests then. Hopefully, Piolo would make it again to the event to swoon the crowd with his ballad.

The concert is actually a tribute to Gary V's anniversary in show business. It has a corresponding album, and Piolo was one of the artists in it too. The concert is schedule for February 20, also at the Big Dome.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Piolo Pascual: No Billing Issue for Pop Icons

Piolo Pascual Pop Icons ConcertWhen five big stars share the same stage, billing issues arise. Who will be the superstar and who will simply be the backups? In the case of the Pop Icons concert, Piolo said that billing isn't an issue with any one of them. While it is impossible for the five guys namely Sam, Erik, Christian, Mark, and Piolo to be given the same talent fees, at least there wasn't an issue as far as treatment, numbers, and priorities are concerned.

Maybe because the five were friends and they are so used to doing performances together in ASAP '09. Either way, fans are going to expect a great night of music from these great singers. It would be impossible for all of them not to deliver the goods - all of them are superstars in their own right. Catch Piolo and the rest of the crew at the Araneta Coliseum on February 21.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Piolo Pascual at the Pop Icons Press Conference

Piolo Pascual Pop IconsPiolo Pascual was present at the Pop Icons press conference held last February 3. The heartthrob flew back to the country from Milan to promote Love Me Again in time for the press con. He, along with other pop icons stars namely Sam Milby, Erik Santos, Christian Bautista, and Mark Bautista, graced the said event.

The concert, which is entitled Pop Icons, will be held on February 21 at the Big Dome. Show starts at 8pm. This is a great date concert for the love month February. Let Piolo Pascual and the rest of the crew serenade you and take your breath away during this all-star concert. This is a one-time event so everybody are advised to go ahead and watch the concert.

Tickets are available at all Ticketnet outlets. Prices are as follows:

VIP (Reserved Seating) 3675
Patron (Reserved Seating) 2625
Lower Box (Reserved Seating) 2100
Upper Box A (Reserved Seating) 788
Upper Box B (Free Seating) 525
Gen. Admission (Free Seating) 315

See you there!

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love Me Again Hits 60M on its Third Week

Piolo Love Me Again GrossAccording to Box Office Mojo, Piolo Pascual's Love Me Again tallies some $1.2 million after three weeks of showing. The movie is still showing in local cinemas nationwide. The figures are expected to rise, as the movie will be shown for three more weeks. Star Cinema had stated that they are happy with the movie's outcome and there will be a victory party anytime soon. The party would have to be scheduled later though, as Piolo Pascual is currently doing rounds around the world for the movie's international screenings.

Star Cinema was able to rake in enough to cover the movie's production costs from the local cinemas. The international screenings of the movie will clearly spell the movie's profits. If the pattern continues, Love Me Again may reach some 90M locally. Of course, many are optimistic that it may just hit the 100M mark, like most of the box office movies do. Well, reaching that number is indeed very possible, if the gross ticket sales of the screening abroad would all be added together.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin on Cosmo

Piolo Pascual Cosmo CoverCosmo Philippines had a couple gracing their cover for the first time. It took the Piolo Pascual-Angel Locsin team up for the magazine to stray away from the usual single woman cover and try the two-person cover setup.

This is not surprising, considering that the couple are the hottest on-screen lovers today. Piolo and Angel had successfully finished their teleserye Lobo and now, they had invaded the big screen via Love Me Again. Their movie has raked in some 80M in total gross sales after four weeks of showing.

Piolo Pascual is currently outside the country promoting the international screenings of the said film. Angel Locsin, on the other hand, stays home nursing an illness. Sadly though, the Piolo Pascual-Angel Locsin team-up will be parked for now, as the two will head on with their new on-screen partners. Piolo will be paired with KC Concepcion for Lovers in Paris. They will also have a movie together.

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