Thursday, February 10, 2011

Piolo Pascual is looking forward to seeing KC Concepcion on his Valentine concert

Piolo Pascual is looking forward to seeing KC Concepcion on his Valentine concert

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Piolo Pascual Admits Romance with KC Concepcion

Piolo Pascual finally let it all out. And for the first time in his career, he admitted that he is in a relationship. The lucky girl is no other than KC Concepcion, daughter of showbiz royalty Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Conception. Or is it the other way around and Piolo's the lucky guy.

The admission happened last Sunday on the Buzz. Charlene Gonzalez interviews Piolo on her segment, Straight From the Heart. And that's where Piolo opened up. Even KC Conception herself was taken by surprise.

Piolo said that he chooses not to admit his current and past relationship is because he is protecting his 13-year old son, Inigo. He says that he doesn't want complications with him. It can be recalled that he admitted to dating Pops Fernandez after her breakup from husband Martin Nievera years after their short-lived romance ended.

But now, Piolo is taking a different turn. He admitted that he and KC are an item and that she was his girl since October 21 of last year. He also said with a laugh that one of his intentions was to ward off some, if not all of KC's possible and future suitors.

Is KC the one? Piolo has never been open about his relationships before her. He is serious about his 'princess' and he also hopes that she end up in the alter with her.

KC's reaction? She's practically speechless for the rest of the show. KC was a host at The Buzz and she said she didn't know that Piolo will say what he said. KC seems to be in a daze while Toni, Boy, and Charlene egg her with more details about their relationship.

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