Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Piolo Pascual Back Home; Accompanied KC to Rome

Piolo Pascual KC Concepcion arrival Naia airportPiolo and KC were in Paris shooting scenes for Lovers in Paris. But what was not expected is Piolo Pascual's delay in coming home. The reason? He accompanied KC to Rome when she had a meeting with the chief UN officials.

When the two arrived at NAIA yesterday, their closeness is unmistakable. Linked in each other's arms, Piolo and KC apparently did have a good time both in Paris and in Italy.

Piolo said KC did fulfill her promise of being his tour guide. KC took Piolo in quiet but equally beautiful spots in Paris. KC still knew her way around and she took Piolo away from the tourists spots and into her favorite, more private places. Their friendship has indeed blossomed. We can only hope it goes deep further.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Piolo Pascual is the 9th Most Powerful Celebrity

Much controversy was created by the recent Yes! Magazine cover story, the 50 Most Powerful People in Showbiz. Piolo Pascual made the list, as expected. He ranked 9th amongst all the popular actors and endorsers in Philippine show business.

It was Willie Revillame who topped the list and it's something even he can't understand. Not that the list is not credible. A lot of people simply can't see what criteria the panel had used to hail the stars in their respective ranks.

In the showbiz industry, everybody wants the bigger share of the pie. So it's not really surprising that people are speculating, airing their concerns, and making disputes against the list. As for Piolo, he remains to be one of the humblest actors in the industry, despite his current stature. That's why blessings come to him a hundredfold.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Piolo Pascual for ABS-CBN's Galaw Galaw sa Tagaraw 2009 Summer Station ID

Here's the full video clip of ABS-CBN's Galaw Galaw sa Tag-araw 2009 Summer Station ID. Watch Piolo make beautiful music with co-star KC Concepcion in this flick. Theme song was sung by the ASAP Kanto Boys. Enjoy!

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Piolo Pascual Headed back Home, Paris Shoots Finished

Piolo Pascual KC Concepcion Lovers in ParisDespite the cold, Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion weathered the elements to finish the shoots for Lovers in Paris. Piolo is headed back home while leading lady KC Concepcion will go to Rome to meet with some important UN officials. KC serves as the international ambassador for food and hunger.

Piolo will be back in the country only to leave again for Canada and the US for the Heartthrobs tour. The show will still be with Sam and Pokwang, along with John LLoyd and Bea as guests. Lovers in Paris is generally done. The first two weeks of its episodes are ready for playing. However, the real broadcast date won't be any time soon.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Lovers Take Paris by Storm!

Piolo KC LOvers in ParisIf you're missing or wondering how Piolo Pascual is these days, well, he's doing good with screen partner KC Concepcion in Paris. Far away from home, the two are enjoying the shoots, takes, and roles that they have to do the entire three weeks they're there. Check out the pics and catch a glimpse of how good this teleserye is going to be.

In a few days, Piolo and KC will be back home to continue with their local shoots for Lovers in Paris. But in the meantime, Piolo joins Sam in their Heartthrobs Canada and US concert in April. Piolo's busy. But that's okay. That means we're going to see more of him in the many years to come.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Piolo Pascual Back to the US for the Heartthrobs Tour

Piolo in RenoFilipino fans just can't get enough of Piolo and Sam. On April, they will be back to the US for a concert tour. April marks the Heartthrobs' comeback concert. The duo will still be joined by Pokwang along with fellow big stars John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo.

The US leg will continue off the Canada shows, which will end in April 11. The first US show will be on April 17 in New Jersey. It will be then brought to the other side of the country, in Reno, Nevada on APRIL 18. On the next day, the group will be in Houston Texas. Catch the Heartthrobs there!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Piolo Pascual in Vancouver

Piolo in VancouverJust when you were counting the days that Piolo Pascual will be back from Paris, France, he'll leave again in a few days for Canada this time. Piolo Pascual's schedule, despite being away from the local limelight seems to be very busy still.

Piolo will be in Vancouver for a show with Pokwang, Sam Milby, John Lloyd Cruz, and Bea Alonzo. It will be held on April 9. Tagged as the Heartthrobs in Vancouver, the show is still a leg of the very famouse Heartthrobs concert that had taken Filipino fans abroad by storm.

And fortunately for Canadian fans, Piolo, Sam, and the rest of the crew will be there for quite some time as they tour the rest of Canada. The group will be in Edmonton on April 11 and Toronton on the next day, April 12. So Piolo will be out most of April still.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Piolo and KC for ABS-CBN's Galaw Galaw sa Tag-Araw Summer Station ID

Piolo Pascual KC Concepcion ABS CBN Summer Station IDWith Piolo and KC's upcoming series, the two shot the ABS-CBN summer ID together. In their colorful shirts and bikes, the studio's two biggest stars shot their summer ID clip in a park. All smiles and in a light mood, their harmonious working relationship is very evident.

The two also aired a promo for Betty La Fea after the shoot. It was played a few times during ABS-CBN's prime time shows. The short skit was this - Piolo - "Do you know what Lovers are?" KC - "Like Betty and Armando in Betty La Fea?"

Catch Piolo and KC in the Summer Station ID and of course in Lovers in Paris real soon.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Taste of Vivian and Carlo

Piolo Pascual KC Concecion Lovers in ParisFor everybody else who's excited, Piolo and KC will fly back soon to resume the Manila taping of Lovers in Paris. Right now, they're still working day after day after day in the City of Lights because the story practically starts off there.

In just a few days, Piolo and KC will be back. Fans are missing them but it's all for a good cause. Lovers in Paris would soon be aired in ABS-CBN, although we can expect that the play date would be during the second or third quarter of the year. The two will also have a movie together. It was even reported that the movie will come first before the teleserye.

KC said she'll tour Piolo during their free time, although chances for that is slim. But if they do find the time, KC would take Piolo not to the tourist spots of France but in the small beautiful places that only Paris people know about. The best place she thinks of bringing Piolo is to the Basilica of St. Therese.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

PIolo Pascual in Gary V's Concert on ABS CBN

Gary V's Live at 25 Concert will be shown tomorrow on local channel 2, ABS-CBN. Catch Piolo as he sings in this concert as a special guest. The show will be aired around 9PM, as part of the Sunday's Big Event. The show will start after Sharon.

Piolo Pascual is currently out of the country so we can expect we won't see him in ASAP '09 tomorrow. But the TV presentation of Gary V's concert is a good way to remind us of Piolo, who will be gone three weeks for Lovers in Paris.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gabby Concepcion Okays Piolo for KC

Piolo Pascual KC ConcepcionWhen Gabby Concepcion was asked if Piolo is okay to be paired up with KC, KC's biological father answered positively. He says he support his daughter and wherever she's happy, he's happy.

He also said he's okay with KC's varied leading men because this is what showbiz is really all about. If the people like it, then he's all for it.

When asked about the possibility of Piolo courting KC, Gabby said that's where he can't be sure. He also adds that showbiz changes constantly. So he can't be certain what to say about the matter.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

KC Wants To Know Piolo Deeper

Piolo Pascual KC Concepcion Lovers in ParisBefore flying off to Paris, KC said in an interview that she wants to know Piolo a little deeper this time. They were formally introduced when she was 18, during her grand 18th birthday party. But they didn't have the chance to know each other better during that time because KC is set to go to France to study.

That was five years ago. And KC said a lot had happened within that span of time. She isn't sure if the Piolo she slightly knew then is the same person now. She's eager to be closer to Piolo as of the moment.

Piolo and KC will play as the "Lovers in Paris". When asked if there's a chance of getting involved with the heartthrob romantically, KC said that she isn't thinking of that right now. Will Piolo be able to change KC's mind?

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Piolo is More Responsible", KC Says

Piolo KC Lovers in Paris"Piolo is more responsible" said KC Concepcion, after her contract signing with ABS-CBN for Lovers in Paris. When asked what's the difference between his two recent leading men, Richard Gutierrez and Piolo Pascual, KC stated the Piolo has more experience and takes his roles seriously.

That makes him more responsible as far as his job and craft is concerned. He thinks and contemplates at the role and scene at hand. Then delivers it well. But on the lighter side, KC said that they're both crazy and fun to be with.

KC also added that she has a lot to learn when it comes to doing a teleserye and she's lucky Piolo is around to help her out. Piolo and KC are currently in France to shoot some scenes together.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Piolo will be out for 3 Weeks

Piolo Pascual KC Concepcion Lovers in ParisPiolo Pascual's fans will miss him anew. The hunk of an actor will be away for three straight weeks. But the wait would be worth it. He'll be with the megastar's daughter, KC Concepcion to shoot some scenes in Paris for their upcoming teleserye, Lovers in Paris.

Piolo and KC will leave today and won't be back until almost April. The two look forward to the trip actually, with KC visiting her second home and Piolo having a beautiful girl as his tour guide.

Hopefully, the three-week long working vacation for the two would produce good results not only for the teleserye but for their relationship with each other. Surely, the two will come back better friends than ever. Or maybe more?

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Piolo and KC Off to Paris

Piolo Pascual KC Concepcion Lovers in ParisTogether with Zanjoe Marudo, Piolo and KC are counting the days till they'll fly off to Paris for their teleserye, Lovers in Paris. This one's a remake of the Koreanovela hit of the same title.

Piolo said he's the one that did a little more convincing to KC to accept the project. KC don't have to do a teleserye, he says. But it's going to be a good experience for her. Besides, it is one way to visit her second home, which is Paris.

Piolo Pascual
will leave the country soon. And he was promised that their Paris tour guide will be none other than the Mega daughter herself, KC Concepcion. He even said that this is one chance that they can be themselves and even ride the train. Nobody may know them while they're there so he and KC will try to get along pretty well and learn about each other deeper.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Piolo and KC's first Shooting Day

Piolo KC Lovers in ParisWith the production in full swing, there's no stopping Lovers in Paris, Piolo Pascual's official comeback to the prime time block this year. However, this one's not going to be aired up until the latter part of the year. Piolo and KC had started shooting the Manila shots and they would soon be flying to Paris for a few scenes.

Piolo said KC's eyes light up whenever Paris is mentioned. She even promised the heartthrob that she'd take him to her favorite places, her school, the Louvre, and even the cafe she frequents. KC spent five years in Paris. It's where she studied college. Doing the soap is KC's chance to revisit the place which was once her home.

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