Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gabby Concepcion Okays Piolo for KC

Piolo Pascual KC ConcepcionWhen Gabby Concepcion was asked if Piolo is okay to be paired up with KC, KC's biological father answered positively. He says he support his daughter and wherever she's happy, he's happy.

He also said he's okay with KC's varied leading men because this is what showbiz is really all about. If the people like it, then he's all for it.

When asked about the possibility of Piolo courting KC, Gabby said that's where he can't be sure. He also adds that showbiz changes constantly. So he can't be certain what to say about the matter.

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Lilian said...

swerte naman si Piolo at no objection si daddy.

KC Concepcion Fan said...

Please support KC and Piolo in their upcoming TV show "Lovers In Paris". God Bless...

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