Monday, March 23, 2009

Piolo and KC for ABS-CBN's Galaw Galaw sa Tag-Araw Summer Station ID

Piolo Pascual KC Concepcion ABS CBN Summer Station IDWith Piolo and KC's upcoming series, the two shot the ABS-CBN summer ID together. In their colorful shirts and bikes, the studio's two biggest stars shot their summer ID clip in a park. All smiles and in a light mood, their harmonious working relationship is very evident.

The two also aired a promo for Betty La Fea after the shoot. It was played a few times during ABS-CBN's prime time shows. The short skit was this - Piolo - "Do you know what Lovers are?" KC - "Like Betty and Armando in Betty La Fea?"

Catch Piolo and KC in the Summer Station ID and of course in Lovers in Paris real soon.

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