Wednesday, March 11, 2009

KC Wants To Know Piolo Deeper

Piolo Pascual KC Concepcion Lovers in ParisBefore flying off to Paris, KC said in an interview that she wants to know Piolo a little deeper this time. They were formally introduced when she was 18, during her grand 18th birthday party. But they didn't have the chance to know each other better during that time because KC is set to go to France to study.

That was five years ago. And KC said a lot had happened within that span of time. She isn't sure if the Piolo she slightly knew then is the same person now. She's eager to be closer to Piolo as of the moment.

Piolo and KC will play as the "Lovers in Paris". When asked if there's a chance of getting involved with the heartthrob romantically, KC said that she isn't thinking of that right now. Will Piolo be able to change KC's mind?

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1 comment:

Lilian said...

why she wants to know more...maybe she likes him huh?

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