Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Piolo Pascual Back Home; Accompanied KC to Rome

Piolo Pascual KC Concepcion arrival Naia airportPiolo and KC were in Paris shooting scenes for Lovers in Paris. But what was not expected is Piolo Pascual's delay in coming home. The reason? He accompanied KC to Rome when she had a meeting with the chief UN officials.

When the two arrived at NAIA yesterday, their closeness is unmistakable. Linked in each other's arms, Piolo and KC apparently did have a good time both in Paris and in Italy.

Piolo said KC did fulfill her promise of being his tour guide. KC took Piolo in quiet but equally beautiful spots in Paris. KC still knew her way around and she took Piolo away from the tourists spots and into her favorite, more private places. Their friendship has indeed blossomed. We can only hope it goes deep further.

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