Thursday, October 30, 2008

Piolo Pascual on StarStudio's November Issue

The StarStudio Magazine, the official magazine of ABS-CBN stars, banks on with whom they call the Fab Four. The four are Piolo Pascual, Angel Locsin, Toni Gonzaga, and Vhong Navarro.

All of them have movies playing on the last weeks of October and November. Toni and Vhong have My Only U. Piolo and Angel have Land Down Under. The magazine gave an exclusive behind the scene interview with some shots of how the four big stars made their respective films.

The StarStudio November issue is now available at all magazine stands and bookstores.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Piolo Pascual is Out of the Country Again

Piolo Pascual is busy as a bee. But not here in the Philippines, apparently. After going to Australia for "Land Down Under", he flew to Guam for the "ASAP Live in Guam" show. Now, he is someplace else again, this time in Germany for the "Heartthrob European Tour" with Sam Milby.

Both Piolo and Sam would round up the key cities of Europe to give Filipino fans a good music and entertainment. The duo will be joined by Pokwang to create light moments in the show. Journey lead vocalist Arnel Pineda will join them in the concert.

Piolo and Sam will visit Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany, among other countries in Europe.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Piolo Pascual a Guest on Sam Milby's Concert

Sam Milby's first solo concert at the Aliw Theater is a success. The crowd loved him and his guests, which includes his Heartthrob concert partner, Piolo Pascual. Other guests who graced the event are Toni Gonzaga, Yeng Constantino, and of course, Anne Curtis.

Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby's next concert assignment will be the European Heartthrob Concert that will begin at the end of this month. They will go to Zurich first and to the other major cities of Europe.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Anna Maria De Tagle is a Piolo Pascual Fan

For everybody else watching Hannah Montana, it's refreshing to know that one of the co-stars of the series, Anna Maria De Tagle is half-Filipina, half-American. In fact, she is the granddaughter of one of the country's famous singer Sylvia La Torre. Being a Filipina in mind and spirit, this teen wonder reveals that she loves watching Kapamilya shows and is a TFC fan. In fact, she loves actors and actresses such as Piolo Pascual, Kristine Hermosa, Jon Avila, and Angel Locsin among others. Anna had auditioned for the remake of the film "Fame", which will be shown in theaters very soon.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Land Down Under on its Final Week of Shooting

Finally, it's nearly done. Piolo Pascual's and Angel Locsin's "Land Down Under" is on its last stages of shooting. In fact, this week was Piolo and Angel's last shooting days, if everything turn out well and a reshoot is not deemed necessary by the post production people.

This means that the film will possibly be shown in November as projected and not on February as rumored. The last part of the shooting was a rigorous one indeed. It is the main reason why Angel failed to show up on one of the scheduled fashion shows of Folded and Hung.

Piolo Pascual's New Commercial: Speed Detergent

Piolo Pascual can be seen in a new TV commericial, Speed detergent, to add in his long list of endorsements. Piolo is even singing in this new clip, which is usually aired during the midday, particularly in Wowowee.

Piolo Pascual is wearing an all-white get-up, a long-sleeved polo and a pair of pants. actual pictures and clips will follow next.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dawn Zulueta Wants to Work With Piolo Pascual

Among the many names Dawn Zulueta mentioned when asked which actors and actresses she would like to work with in her showbiz comeback, Piolo Pascual's name was one of them. Dawn Zulueta had lain low on her acting career when she married and had a baby. But she regained her fame in the showbiz land just recently.

Piolo Pascual has two films coming up, the indie film "Manila" and "Land Down Under". Dawn Zulueta may just have to wait a little longer for the team up, if ever it would really happen.

"Land Down Under" Showing on February?

It is rumored that Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin's top billed movie, Land Down Under had changed its play date and would rather be shown in February instead of in November. This is such a big disappointment to fans, who are clamoring for the Piolo - Angel team up for months now.

We just hope the rumors weren't true because that would be four months away. However, February is the projected showing month of John Lloyd and Sarah's second movie together. Hopefully, there rumors are just rumors...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Land Down Under Pictures

Enjoy more Land Down Under pics. This shot is taken in Bukidnon, which is the primary location spot of the movie. In month's time the movie is going to show on Philippine cinemas and a lot of fans are now anticipating the reunion.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Piolo Pascual Nominated for Best Actor at the PMPC for TV

The 22nd PMPC for TV bared its nomimees just recently. Piolo Pascual, along with Angel Locsin were nominated for their fine performance at Lobo. Piolo vies for the Best Actor Title against equally talented artists such as John Lloyd Cruz, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Robin Padilla, Tirso Cruz III, Ryan Eigenmann, Sam Milby, and Robin Padilla. Incidentally, Lobo is also nominated for the Best Primetime TV Series.

Piolo Pascual to Guest on Sarah Geronimo's Concert?

While the only confirmed guest of Sarah Geronimo in her upcoming concert at the Araneta Coliseum is John Lloyd Cruz, there's a lot of rumors going on that Piolo Pascual will also render a very special number for the Pop Star Princess. Sarah's concert will be held on November 8 and it is entitled The Next One. Van Pojas of the Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 is also rumored to be one of the guests.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin at Guam Beach Resort

Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin are always together because they're finishing the movie, "Land Down Under". Recently, they were in Guam for the presentation of ASAP '08 Live in Guam from the said location.

While there, Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin went to a Guam Beach Resort, not to have fun, unfortunately, but to do further work. It was believed that the trip to the resort is for a new TV commercial of the two. Check the picture above.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Land Down Under Stills

I know all Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin fans are highly anticipating their new movie, Land Down Under. So here's a peek at Piolo's recently learned horseback riding prowess in Bukidnon. He really did a good job in staying above the horse, so to speak. Can't wait for the movie!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Piolo and Angel's Movie Made Bukidnon Famous

If Bukidnon is never regarded to be a tourist spot in all of the Philippines, now it is. After Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin's shooting in Malaybalay, Bukidnon, a lot of people are now wanting to visit the place and do some horse back riding.

Well, the movie, tentatively titled "Land Down Under" is not even shown on theaters yet. And the full movie trailer is yet to be released as well. But with the response and attention the movie is getting, this movie is expected to be another hit.

For the movie, both Piolo and Angel have to learn horseback riding. Their cowboy love story also takes them to Darwin, Australia. The two are currently filming the last few scenes of the movie in the said location to finish in time for its November showing date.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Piolo Pascual in a Car Accident?

Piolo's absence in the daily noontime show ASAP is very much noticed. As such, text messages had circulated that he was involved in a certain car accident while doing a movie abroad. The text messages purportedly contained this message: car accident: si Piolo Pascual, balita yan sa TFC totoo ba?

Piolo Pascual gave his side of the story and denied the rumor strongly. He flew to Guam just recently to figure in ASAP's presentation there. The ASAP in Guam episode will be aired on Sunday, October 19.

After Guam, Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin went back to Darwin, Australia to finish shooting for their upcoming film, Land Down Under. The movie is set to be released in November after Toni and Vhong's My Only U, also from Star Cinema.

In his interview, Piolo also added that their movie would feature spectacular views shot from Bukidnon and Australia so fans and viewers would definitely get their money's worth.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Piolo Pascual Nominated at Nickelodeon's RP Kids Choice Awards

Like in the U.S., Nickelodeon Philippines will now have our very own Kids Choice Awards. Here, kids will be choosing which actors and actresses are their favorites. They will be voting through text messaging.

Part of the roster of nominees is Piolo Pascual for the Favorite Actor Award. He will vie against Dingdong Dantes, Gerald Anderson, John Lloyd Cruz, and Richard Gutierrez. Other categories like Favorite Actress, The Wannabe, Favorite TV Show, Favorite Cartoon Show, Musical Act, Pinoy Wannabe, and Favorite Athlete are also included.

Winners will be revealed on November 29 at the Aliw Theater. The awards night will be hosted by Michael V.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Piolo Pascual on Star Magic's 2009 Catalog

The Star Magic catalog has been released. And Piolo Pascual was the main man of the event. Launched in SM Megamall last September 28, the release was graced by other Star Magic artists such as Jake Cuenca, Diether Ocampo, Matt Evans, Melissa Ricks, the PBB Teens, and so much more.

The catalog is in celebration of Star Magic's 16 years in star building. Formerly known as Talent Management and Development Center or simply Talent Center, the catalog showcase all present and previous Star Magic artists.

Friday, October 3, 2008

ASAP Live in Guam

ASAP, one of the regular shows of Piolo Pascual, will be aired live from Guam on October 11. As such, all the hosts, Piolo Pascual included, will be flying to the island to hold the show at University of Guam field house in Mangilao.

Piolo Pascual will be joined by other Star Cinema artists like Sam Milby, John Lloyd Cruz, Diether Ocampo, Angelica Panganiban, and Roxanne Guinoo. Mainstays such as Vina Morales and Martin Nievera will grace the event as well. Angel Locsin, Piolo Pascual's screen partner on Lobo and their soon-to-be released film "Land Down Under" will also be there.

Piolo Pascual Sings in Kris' New Album

Kris Aquino's collection of inspirational songs and love songs has recently been released. She said that this one is dedicated to her mom, President Corazon Aquino. One cut was sung by Piolo Pascual, the song entitled No Matter What. That one was a Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jim Steinman original.

The album is entitled "The Greatest Love" and it was officially launched at ASAP. Other artists to sing in the album are Billy Crawford, Regine Velasquez, Lani Misalucha, and Mark Bautista, among many others.

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