Sunday, October 26, 2008

Anna Maria De Tagle is a Piolo Pascual Fan

For everybody else watching Hannah Montana, it's refreshing to know that one of the co-stars of the series, Anna Maria De Tagle is half-Filipina, half-American. In fact, she is the granddaughter of one of the country's famous singer Sylvia La Torre. Being a Filipina in mind and spirit, this teen wonder reveals that she loves watching Kapamilya shows and is a TFC fan. In fact, she loves actors and actresses such as Piolo Pascual, Kristine Hermosa, Jon Avila, and Angel Locsin among others. Anna had auditioned for the remake of the film "Fame", which will be shown in theaters very soon.


Anonymous said...

Talaga naman, Papa PIOLO, is always a favorite!

Even a 9 year old will comment while in passing heard the background of KIS of Carmen Soo and Jericho made a comment, isn't it grandma that is PIOLO's song?

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