Saturday, October 25, 2008

Land Down Under on its Final Week of Shooting

Finally, it's nearly done. Piolo Pascual's and Angel Locsin's "Land Down Under" is on its last stages of shooting. In fact, this week was Piolo and Angel's last shooting days, if everything turn out well and a reshoot is not deemed necessary by the post production people.

This means that the film will possibly be shown in November as projected and not on February as rumored. The last part of the shooting was a rigorous one indeed. It is the main reason why Angel failed to show up on one of the scheduled fashion shows of Folded and Hung.



i cant wait for this movie. sana maria mercedes si angel locsin. nakakilig sila ni piolo sa lobo. MORE COMMERCIALS FOR ANGEL LOCSIN PLS

Anonymous said...

I saw Piolo and Angel on site in Australia Nov 16 I think they finnish shooting Nov 20

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