Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love Me Again Hits 60M on its Third Week

Piolo Love Me Again GrossAccording to Box Office Mojo, Piolo Pascual's Love Me Again tallies some $1.2 million after three weeks of showing. The movie is still showing in local cinemas nationwide. The figures are expected to rise, as the movie will be shown for three more weeks. Star Cinema had stated that they are happy with the movie's outcome and there will be a victory party anytime soon. The party would have to be scheduled later though, as Piolo Pascual is currently doing rounds around the world for the movie's international screenings.

Star Cinema was able to rake in enough to cover the movie's production costs from the local cinemas. The international screenings of the movie will clearly spell the movie's profits. If the pattern continues, Love Me Again may reach some 90M locally. Of course, many are optimistic that it may just hit the 100M mark, like most of the box office movies do. Well, reaching that number is indeed very possible, if the gross ticket sales of the screening abroad would all be added together.

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