Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Pop Icons: Fans Clamor for a Repeat

Pop Icons ConcertWith the highly successful Pop Icons concert last Saturday, organizers and fans request nothing but a repeat performance. It was the concert of the year, no less if you ask the fans of the five male stars who were on the stage that night. Christian, Mark, Eric, Sam, and Piolo sang and danced for the big crowd before them. They were also joined by their friends in the business, particularly KC Conception and AiAi de las Alas, who had made a naughty act right on stage.

The Pop Icons will go to Bacolod on Saturday, for the last leg of their concert. Until the repeat is final, fans can only hope that they'll see the five again perform together in a major production. The chances for a repeat is high though, as the Pop Icons is backed up by the actor's respective endorsements such as Belo and Bench, among others. Pop Icons is a production of Asap Live and Sunday Night Production.

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