Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Piolo Pascual is Courting KC Again

Piolo vocally admits that he is wooing his leading lady in Lovers in Paris, KC Concepcion. KC, on the other hand, is not giving Piolo any answer at the moment. In fact, she said that she'll just text him so he'll know if he is to continue or to stop his intentions. Piolo admitted that he is yet to receive that text message.

However, Piolo doesn't want people to think that he's just doing this as a promotion for their upcoming series, which is set to be aired in July. He says that his intentions are pure and that he is courting KC in a traditional way. He goes to her house with chocolates and flowers, although chocolates can make KC fat. He even met with KC's mom, Sharon Cuneta in one of his visits.

Piolo don't want to elaborate on his intentions or anything else about KC because his efforts might be mistaken as a promotional stint, which he doesn't really want to happen.

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