Monday, April 6, 2009

Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion: The Real Score

Piolo and KCWhen it comes to the delicate thing called love, it is very important that the facts are set straight. Piolo and KC are friends. That’s real. But whatever lies ahead is still to behold.

Fact: Piolo attempted to court KC before she went to Paris.

Piolo was formally introduced to KC long before. It is after her 18th birthday that Piolo tried to court KC. But he has to stop because KC needs to fly to Paris to study.

Fact: Piolo still wants to court KC

Despite the fact that KC is linked to Richard Gutierrez because of their last two movies together, Piolo stands by his resolve to woo KC. He also said that may the best man win.

Fact: KC insists that there’s no romantic relationship between her and Piolo – yet.

Unfortunately for Piolo, KC’s priority isn’t courtship or love between the two of them. Right now, she only wants to be friends with his leading men in order for her to work with them well. She said it’s also hard to be friends with somebody whose intention is to court you. On that note, Piolo’s taking a side step in courtship.

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