Sunday, April 26, 2009

Piolo Now Enjoys Producing Indie Films

With the success of Manila in the international scene, Piolo Pascual was more than excited with his new 'baby'. Apparently, Manila is the first film he co-produced. The film was directed by Adolf Alix and Raya Martin. It is a twin bill, with Piolo Pascual starring in both.

The initial play date of Manila was March actually. But they waited a month later so they can nominate it as an entry in the Cannes Film Festival. With the film being shortlisted in the finals, Piolo can't help but be even more excited about it.

Piolo was hoping to attend the film's premier in France next month. Manila will be locally distributed by Star Cinema. And he's also looking at producing another movie again, this time a comedy top billed by Eugene Domingo. Congratulations Piolo on your new endeavor and its impending success!

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