Thursday, April 30, 2009

Piolo Pascual's New Billboard

Aside from the new billboard with Isabel Oli, Piolo Pascual's fit body is up Manila's major streets again. See Piolo's new billboard for San Mig Coffee, where he wears blue shorts against his slender body.

The ad has a summer look to it, although the product is not in anyway connected with the season. Piolo's billboard is for San Mig Coffee Sugar free, which is a good way to keep your body slim and fit while enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Piolo Pascual is one of the most sought-after endorsers today, with a recent study placing him on slot No. 5. Advertising specialists say he's effective because he's sincere. And it is seen right through the screen or the billboard where he appears. Piolo is joined by Michelle Paloma in this ad, who is a Fil-Am commercial model.

1 comment:

lestat said...

is this the billboard add na tinaggal? sayang di ko pa nakita natanggal na...

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