Monday, April 27, 2009

Isabel Oli's Crush on Piolo Pascual

In a recent interview, Isabel Oli revealed that she has a crush on Piolo Pascual. It started when the two first made the Max's commercial. Now they are reunited again to continue the love story that they portray on the advertisement.

Isabel said that Max's was practically the one that launched her showbiz career. And she can only be thankful that she was able to work with them again in yet another endorsement deal. Piolo Pascual also quips that he suggested to one of the Max's marketing heads to bring back Isabel Oli and their love story in the next Max's commercial. That happened and the rest is history.

Piolo has always been tagged as the most-sought after leading man and endorser. Angel Locsin dreamed of working with him not just in a commercial but in a full-length series or a movie. It happened. Will it also be true with Isabel Oli. If it will, it's going to be a big boost to Isabel's popularity and career.

1 comment:

laughter said...

if im not mistaken isabel is a thin girl right...but now she puts on weight!

He is worth working with always.

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