Saturday, June 27, 2009

Piolo Pascual Spilled His "Secret" Role in Maruja

The people behind the production of Maruja has been mum about Piolo Pascual's role in the series. They said that Piolo has been part of the cast since day one, but they have to keep it a secret from everybody else. Even Piolo's role is supposed to be a secret.

But Piolo gave it all away with a slip of tongue.

Piolo's role is Gabriel - but he isn't supposed to say. Right now, the viewers are led to believe that Derek Ramsey is Gabriel. The twist in Piolo's character is now not a suspense anymore, but everything's not lost, so it seems.

Piolo's addition to the Maruja cast is going to be a big boost to the series. Tune in today for Piolo's first appearance!

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