Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why is Piolo Pascual Your Dreamdate?

Piolo Pascual is the dream date of every girl. But what makes him so? More than his good looks and charming appeal, Piolo exudes an aura that's fresh, calm, and kind. You'd almost never find any flaw in this very down-to-earth superstar.

That's why Piolo Pascual was chosen to be one of Pond's dream guys. That also made him StarStudio's favorite coverboy this year. With his face gracing both the October and the November issue of the magazine, there's no doubt that Piolo Pascual is indeed one of the hottest starts of today.

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Anonymous said...

I adore and love Piolo Pascual. He is the ultimate dreamboy of everyone. Thousands of women will do everything to watch his shows, movies, concerts, personal appearances, shootings, endorsements, name it, women will go ga,ga, ga, for him. He mesmerized women with handsome and soothing voice.


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