Saturday, November 22, 2008

Piolo Pascual Interview with an Australian News Outfit

While Piolo Pascual is in Australia, a local news crew interviewed him about the film, Land Down Under. Hear how the interview went and how Piolo described the movie and his experiences doing it with Angel Locsin. I added some photos to the audio clip to make it a little more enjoyable to listen to.

Note:Thanks to fellow blogger, falcon116 for the info. Please check her blog at

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falcon116 said...
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falcon116 said... did u manage this? I tried so hard to upload the mp3. I suppose you converted it to
MP4??? Let me know how you did it...Cheers.

admin said...

I downloaded the mp3 clip and used Windows Movie Maker. Added some pics and uploaded it to blogger. You can do it too. =)

falcon116 said...

Thanks Reese. Oh, Just added you to my blog roll, hope that's ok.

admin said...

Very very okay. Thanks so much and I truly appreciate it. Nice to have met you through here.

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