Thursday, November 6, 2008

Piolo Pascual in Stockholm

The concert tour continues as Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby now serenades the Filipino community of Stockholm, Sweden. Tonight, the Heartthrobs would perform at the Sweden Stockholm University in Aula Magna. Expected time of showing will be at 8pm, but the actual announcement will be made soon. Piolo and Sam were in Vienna yesterday and would go to France tomorrow. They are currently in a three-day, three-country European marathon. The tour is expected to end next week and Piolo will be back to promote Land Down Under, the movie he had done with on-screen partner, Angel Locsin.

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Anonymous said...

helo po sa lahat! napanood ko yung concert nila yesterday it was nice pero hindi kami satisfied sa mga ka tropa ko. Late na nga ng 30 min. tapos 1hr lang and 30 min, show nila.. KUng hindi dahil kay pokwang walang ka buhay2 concert nila..

Anonymous said...

Ang laki kasi ng expectation natin. Pero masaya na ko nakita ko si Piolo at Sam (May picture ako nila) At syempre si Pokwang fan na rin nya ko.
Gusto ko sya mapanood ulit.

Anonymous said...

Check this site , Great feedback from Concert.

admin said...


I borrowed the pic from your site, I hope it's okay. Can't log-in to ask permission, I don't know German =(

I acknowledged where I took the pic from my site. Please check Nov 10 entry, Piolo Pascual Impress and Depress Fans.

Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Hindi talaga worth it ang bayad namin sa consert nla...ang mahal mas mahal pa sa intl.singers then paralang nag cesay hello, how ru and goodbye,malayo pa yun travel namin para lang makita ang consert para hindi consert nasa manila lang! mas mabuti kung c pokwang nlang ang nag show by herself masnaka njoy pa!C pokwang talagang nagwork harder than 2 of them. I rather to see pokwangs show nxt tym. I've njoyed alot.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!!!!!

Concert was full alive because of Pokwang, pinasaya nya kami...she's so great and full of energy. Unlike those 2 guys Sam and Piolo parang wlang ka buhay2x.Sana nxt tym the concert will be more alive. We traveled far away nd thn yun lang ang makita namin just for 1hr. and 30 mins. lang. Sayang ang pera namin mahal pa naman....
Anyway, saludo ako kay Pokwang shes doing a great job. We love you Pokwang:-):-)

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