Thursday, November 27, 2008

Meet and Greet Piolo Pascual at the Premier

Piolo Pascual Land Down UnderUS-based fans of Piolo Pascual via the The Filipino Channel would definitely love the idea that they have the chance to meet and greet their idol during the premier screening of his latest movie, Land Down Under. Along with Angel Locsin, fans would have that rare chance to be with their favorite stars, even for just a short while.

Lucky movie watchers can have their pictures taken with these two during the screening. All they really have to do is to purchase a ticket for the premier showing of the movie and write their name, address, and other personal details at the back of it. The tickets will be drawn and 100 winners will be hailed after the screening. This is for both the San Francisco and Los Angeles screening.

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falcon116 said...

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admin said...

Here's the secret:

Instructions on the right side of his blog.

Glad you liked the website's new look.

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