Monday, November 17, 2008

Land Down Under Will Not Make it on November

It's mid November and there is still yet any signs of Piolo's and Angel's film, Land Down Under. Star Cinema normally promotes their movies a full month before its release. And it is also shown in local theaters for at least 4 weeks. There is yet any signs of Land Down Under. No teaser for the film is being shown just yet. Fans are getting anxious about the film's slated showing date as it is most likely going to be moved in January. AiAi's Taning Ina Nyong Lahat will be the movie outfit's entry for the Metro Manila Film Festival in December.

The late showing can be blame on the delayed visa processing and to the main star's local and international commitments. Anyway, the movie is going to be a good start for the new year for Star Cinema.

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