Saturday, November 22, 2008

Land Down Under: The Story

Piolo Pascual Land Down UnderLand Down Under casts Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin, which is a love story about two people finding love, losing it, and making it theirs again. In this movie, Piolo Pascual plays Migo. Angel Locsin is Arah and they are both from Bukidnon. Piolo (Migo) had worked for a long time in Manila. He went back to Bukidnon when his family lost their ranch due to his father's death.

That's when he met Arah. Arah is the most beautiful and the best rodeo queen in Bukidnon. They were once a pair prior to Piolo (Migo) leaving for Manila. He then sets out to win her back again. However, things aren't that simple. Arah is already engaged to a rich Australian Rancher. She accepted the marriage because she believe it is one way to make their poor life better. She still loves Migo but she'd rather be married to a rich man.

Arah flew to Australia along with other ranchers who was hired to work in the country. She ended up with Piolo (Migo) once and for all. But after two years, Migo (Piolo) arrived in Australia as a ranch boy. And he still wants to win Arah's love. Will it be happlily ever after between the two?

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