Friday, October 8, 2010

Piolo Pascual's Freak Accident

Piolo Pascual was caught in a freak accident that left him with his eye badly hurt. He was playing badminton when he got hit square on the face. His left eye was badly swollen and there was a blood clot to it even.

He rushed himself to the hospital where he was treated, given antibiotics and steriods, then was released. He is generally okay but he wasn't able to tape for his TV series Noah the whole day. He is scheduled to rest until he's ready to face the camera again.

Piolo also says that he can't do strenuous exercises at the moment, which is disappointing because he wants to join in the Pasig River Run this October 10. However, Piolo says he hopes he will recuperate well so he can get back to his schedule.

Get well soon Piolo!


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