Monday, October 11, 2010

Piolo Pascual Performs for Sun Life Despite Almost Left Blinded by Accident

Unfortunate things do happen when you least expect it. That's what Piolo Pascual realized when he got hit on the eye while playing badminton. It was a freak accident that almost left him blinded. But he says he's okay, and he's ready to face his commitments despite it. Piolo said it's more of a double and blurry vision now.

The Sun Life concert was sponsored by Sun Life Financial itself with the bulk of the crowd coming from the company's employees and agents. It is open to the public but anybody who wish to watch should contact Sun Life directly for the tickets.

The event was a success, Piolo being a professional that he is. In fact, he was able to open the Pasig River Run yesterday amidst his blurry vision. Just imagine him singing in a concert with his full heart but only half his eye. Keep up the good work Piolo!

LAGARISTA movie premiere card, Piolo Pascual

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