Monday, October 4, 2010

Piolo Pascual Doesn't Want to Expose Son on TV

Piolo Pascual was vocal in saying that he didn't like how SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon), a daily late-night showbiz oriented show on his home studio featured his son on TV. Inigo, Piolo's son, who was based in the US was in the Philippines recently for a visit. Piolo, as a doting father that he is, took his son on the set of Noah. However, SNN crew got the wind of it, being in the same studio and all, and featured the boy later that night.

Piolo said that had he known about it, he would have requested them not to play the clip anymore. But since he didn't he wasn't able to do anything. Piolo was firm about making Inigo finish his studies abroad before he even think about trying show business. Piolo wasn't ready to expose him to the Philippine media just yet.

Even so, Piolo also said that he doesn't harbor any hard feelings against his network but hopes that the incident doesn't happen again.
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