Monday, October 18, 2010

Piolo On Being Stressed Out

Piolo Pasucal said that as a man of hectic schedules, he can't be complacent about anything. He suffers from burn out too but he can't dwell on it. Instead, he focuses even more on his work so he can improve his craft. Hectic schedules come and go. But you can only wish to touch people's life with the inspirations you share.

Just recently, Piolo narrated that he just the most hectic week of his career. It's bad enough that he's suffering from a bad blood clot in the eye because of his badminton accident. He also have to shoot all day Friday for Noah because they have Monday scenes. As such, there couldn't be any early pack up for him. The next day, he has to practice for his concert for Sunlife, which would happen that night. And the very next day is the 10.10.10 Pasig River Run, which he would open together with boxer Manny Pacquiao. Then he have to rush off to ASAP XV, while familiarizing himself with the songs he have to sing on the show on the car.

If Piolo is just any other, he wouldn't have gone through all of these with a big smile on his face and a personality that entices. That's what so great about him.


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