Thursday, January 28, 2010

Judy Ann is Okay to Doing a Project with Piolo Again

It can be remembered that there are several instances that Judy Ann has got problems with Piolo Pascual first because of her manager Alfie Lorenzo and then her husband Ryan Agoncillo. The thought of these two big stars working with each other again is almost impossible.

But not anymore it seems. Judy Ann said in an interview that since things have been patched between Piolo and the other parties involved, there's no reason for her not to do a reunion movie or any other project with Piolo.

Fans are missing the Piolo-Judy Ann love team. And since they're both grown up now, may be a more intense and interesting love story would be fitting.

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Anonymous said...

I used to think they had chemistry but after watching him on LIP with KC as well as in REAL, I can't imagine him with anyone else on screen w/bigger chemistry than KC. I want more projects with KC please. A love story now with Judy would be AWKWARD. They only matched back then when he first started out and before we even saw him with any other girl. Judy was lucky since she was first but after Angel and KC(more beautiful ladies) I can't picture him with Judy. Judy & Ryan are perfect for each other, it was meant to be.

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