Friday, May 1, 2009

Piolo Pascual on Ryan and Juday's Wedding

Piolo Pascual have been Judy Ann Santos' leading man for the longest time. They used to be close until things got sour with Piolo and Judy Ann's manager and then Judy Ann's then-boyfriend Ryan Agoncillo.

With all the rift and troubles, things got okay between all of them in the past few years. The question right now was so big. Is Piolo Pascual invited to Judy Ann's wedding?

Piolo said that he is. However, he also said that he had work that day so he didn't come. Besides, it was the couple's big day and he wanted to contribute to the privacy of the event by not coming to the wedding altogether.

Even so, Piolo is very ecstatic about them, saying that he's happy for Judy Ann that finally, she's going to build a family. He also wishes that they have many cute little babies together.

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Anonymous said...

im all the way here in New Zealand so i dont know what goes down there in the phillipines but every one whom i speak to hear thikns piolo and judy were destined for each othe,meant to be, call it what you will i think they make an awsome couple never seen chemistry like it even if that is acting it has to be brought on from life...
judy and piolo for life

Anonymous said...

im here somewhere in new zealand i hope that in the near future ABS-CBN will give a chance to have a one or two movie or soap opera for piolo and juday. whatever happens I love their loveteam . hopefully somebody here me. Coz in every view point of people they look in love in real thing. but the reality is hard to be in relationship more on in showbiz. i hope they still have feeling to each other even just a friend so those millions fans will have a half smile because we (fans) are also affected. so as life moves on just a try to have a film or soap is a wish come through from all of us you fans all over the world!cheer up piolo hope you find a happiness to like juday. just pease guys dont give up ur friendship. you make us all happy.

Anonymous said...

Have been a fan of judy and piolo and have loved their movies so much. i think they were meant to be together. they looked so lovely together. cutie couple.

Anonymous said...

I am from Solomon Islands and I think Piolo and Juday looked so great together. A pity they did not make it to the alter. The chemistry between them is so great.
Please allow them to make a film together and you will see the old feeling is still there. I also hope Piolo finds a long lasting relationship, someone like Juday.

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