Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Judy Ann Confirmed: I Invited Piolo to My Wedding

Speculations can now be finally laid to rest as to whether or not Piolo was just invited to the delayed reception in Makati and not in the exclusive by-invitation-only Judy Ann-Ryan wedding in Batangas.

Coming from the mouth of the actress, Judy Ann said that Piolo was welcome both at the wedding and at the Makati reception. However, Piolo never really came on the two occasions.

Piolo said he had work the day of the wedding. And on the Makati reception, he has to enjoy the waters with his family. Piolo didn't intentionally snob the event because he said that it was okay between all of them. And he sent his greeting wishing them well.

Attending or not, there's still controversy. Good decision not to attend? Or not?

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1 comment:

Lilian said...

oh my Gosh Judy is married already and to Ryan - the relationship was long. god for Judi i love judi am a fan of her...but piolo hmmm people cant avoid speculations.

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