Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Piolo Pascual a No-Show on Judy Ann's Makati Reception

It has been the talk of the town whether or not Piolo Pascual is going to be invited to Judy Ann's wedding to Ryan Agoncillo. If not at the actual ceremony, at least at the Manila reception which was held at Le Souffle Rockwell.

It can be remembered the Judy Ann's manager Alfie Lorenzo only has bad mouth for Piolo. As for Judy Ann's now husband Ryan Agoncillo, they've got some rift a few years ago. So the big question was, will Piolo Pascual ever be invited?

As a matter of fact, he is. For Judy Ann, Ryan, and Piolo, everything's already okay between all of them. Alfie may still think otherwise but he's relatively harmless - at least not when he's writing his columns.

Anyway, despite the exclusive invitation, Piolo was a no-show at the Makati reception. He was better off surfing with a sibling. Not that he snubbed the event. He said that he's just trying giving the couple the time together that they deserve. Like Piolo, Judy Ann's former leading man Derek Ramsay is also nowhere to be found.

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