Saturday, January 23, 2010

Piolo Pascual as Ninoy Aquino on MMK

Another classic episode will be placed on MMK's shelf as this weekend drama series narrates Ninoy and Cory Aquino's life on national TV. Piolo Pascual plays Ninoy in this mini bio pic intended for the TV. Opposite him is Bea Alonzo playing Cory Aquino.

The story goes way back during the couple's first meeting, the courtship stage, their life as a married couple, up until both of them died in separated ocassions. Piolo Pascual gave due justice to his role as Ninoy Aquino. The same is true for Bea Alonzo's acting. Positive reviews for the show was given by viewers and critics everywhere.

However, rumors had it that Piolo Pascual was not the Aquino family's first choice for the role. They have picked John Lloyd Cruz but sources say he turned it down. It could be because he had initially accepted the role of Rene Cayetano in the same series. Rene Cayetano's life story was played a week before the Ninoy and Cory Aquino story.

The cast includes Dimples Romana as Imelda Marcos, Jodi Santa Maria as Kris Aquino, Gloria Diaz, Jim Paredes, Karla Humphries, and many others. It is a star-studded presentation that is bound to be one of the show's best episode of all times.

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