Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Piolo Pascual is PEP's 2nd Sexiest Man

Piolo Pascual Sexiest ManThey have described Piolo Pascual sexiness as quintessential. And that only means Piolo Pascual is a classic - not only in acting, being a model, or because he's a celebrity. The writers who hailed Piolo as the second sexiest man said that Piolo Pascual, even if he quit showbiz, will still make it to the list of sexiest men. And that's because he's more than just sexy in his physical appearance. He is also sexy in his personality, heart, and soul.

This fine man is a gentleman, has a pleasant personality, and a mysterious air around him. Despite all the rumors about him, he is still one of the well-admired hunk Philippine television has ever seen.

Currently, Piolo is very busy promoting his new film with Angel Locsin entitled Love Me Again. It is slated to be shown in January 15 in all cinemas and theaters nationwide. International screening will soon follow. Mall tours are scheduled to promote the movie. Know which malls Piolo and Angel will grace here.

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