Friday, January 30, 2009

Piolo Pascual and Mom Amelia on Deal or No Deal

Piolo Pascal on Deal or No DealPiolo Pascual met with the Banker again. But this time, Piolo brought a lucky charm with him - his mom. Last time around, Piolo won a measly Php 500 on Deal or No Deal. This is Piolo's second duel with the banker.

This is also the first TV appearance for Piolo Pascual's mother, Amelia. Mom Amelia is always content to cheer on her son and support him in his shows, movies, and concerts. It's a different story with this episode though. Mom was the star and heartthrob Piolo a mere side kick.

Piolo and his mom chose briefcase no. 24. The number is actually the birthday of Piolo's grandparents. On the end part of the game, Kris asked Piolo to pick one briefcase. He chose to pass the task to his brother, who opened the Php 200 briefcase. Apparently, Piolo doesn't want to be blamed if he opened the 100,000 That amount was the biggest on board, after Piolo's mom opened the $1M briefcase.

There were two cases left on the floor and three amounts on the board, the Php 1 peso, Php 25,000 and the biggest amount, Php 100,000. Kris asked Piolo once again to open a briefcase. Still apprehensive, Piolo said "pagnabuksan ko ang 100,000 aabonohan ko na lang."

Piolo needs to choose between briefcases numbers are 12 and 13. He chose 12 because it's his birthday. Luckily for him, he opened the 1 peso briefcase. And that's the highlight of the show. Mom Amelia fought for her briefcase til the very end. And so she and Piolo walked away with 100,000. It's the amount contained in their chosen case.

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