Monday, September 29, 2008

Piolo Pascual Back at ASAP '08

After several weeks of absence, Piolo Pascual is finally back at ASAP '08, the most favorite afternoon party of Philippine viewers. Piolo Pascual is doing a movie with Angel Locsin, entitled Land Down Under and they both have to fly to Australia to shoot several scenes. This is the reason why Piolo was absent for several weeks in his regular show.

Piolo made it in time for Ogie Alcasid's concert, which was held on September 27, where he is one of the special guests. Piolo is expected to stay around for a few weeks and will be away again to complete the movie and for the Heartthrob European series concert that is slated to start in October.


falcon116 said...
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falcon116 said...

hello. do you happen to know where exactly in Darwin Australia they will be shooting this movie? We've been bugging our brains out trying to guess where...Just in case u know, please leave a comment in my blog... thanks a lot

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