Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Piolo Pascual Wishes for a Movie With Judy Ann Again

Piolo Pascual, who is Australia right now shooting his film with Angel Locsin entitled "Land Down Under" indicated that he has no qualms making a movie with Judy Ann again. In an interview, he said he didn't close his door and that he still wishes that a project with Judy Ann would happen soon.

Piolo has been Judy Ann's leading man for quite some time before until he and Judy Ann's boyfriend Ryan Agoncillo had a rift. They had resolved their differences but still, their paths are yet to meet.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, i dont see any problem if you do another movie together, you are both proffesionals and im sure you r old enough to handle any situation that may arise in regards to your personal lives. Go for it, and have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

i saw many comments regarding this issue, some say that it would cause a break up for Judy and Ryan if they do another movie!! what the heck? why? how many times they have been together!!!(PJ & Jud)?isnt that enough to prove to us that they are proffesional in every ways to avoid any unnecessary whatever that may occur during the filming?? come on peeps. let it be, if they agree to do another movie or tv/series its their decision, we just enjoy it!!!

Anonymous said...

As Judy is my fav.girl as she is sexessful,courageous, strong-hearted, witty, kind etc, i ask myself, 'What more could a man want?" but now she is taken, so i prefer Angel than Rica, dont know why, but its just me>

Anonymous said...

I agree. No disrespect for Judy Ann whom I adore, but her gay looking boyfriend Ryan shouldn't dictate who she should be interacting with. If he cares enough for her, he'll accept whatever she feels what's right for her and her fans. If there's strong enough trust in their relationship, then why is Ryan make a fuss over it. If he's so insecure, then do something about it and workout, lose some of that feminine fats and be man about this!!

Fans are fans! They will stop at nothing in voicing what they would wish to see on screen, whether they'll be rewarded or not with their fan favs, it's typical human nature in terms of FANS!

Anonymous said...

I, too, would love to see Piolo & Judy Ann in another movie or series again. And I can see I'm not alone this obviously. Why not, he's putting differences aside and generously willing to do another movie with her, what a guy!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG ii so want PIOLO AND JUDAY too make ubb agenn . theyy sdill havee LOVE foa each other andd ii knoee it becoz ii can see it when they see each otherr SOO PLS ANY DIRECTORSS PLS GET THESE TWO PAIR UBB AGENN ANDD MAKE THEM KNOE THAT THEY SDIL LOVE EACH OTHERR !

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