Monday, March 15, 2010

Piolo Pascual May Not Endorse a Politician

Though the season is high on political campaigning for the upcoming national elections, Piolo Pascual along with other big star like Judy Ann Santos chose not to endorse anybody in particular. While he starred as Ninoy Aquino recently in MMK, he may not necessarily go out campaigning for Kris's brother Noynoy Aquino in his bid for the presidency.

When asked, Piolo said that he will make an announcement about this matter soon. But for now, his name is not directly associated with any politician or political party for that matter.

When interviewed about it, Piolo said that “It’s not all about money. It is integrity and who has the biggest love for the country. It is also not about joining the majority or being friends with people associated with the candidates. This is something that I’ve been seriously thinking about for some time now, and I’m praying about it, too, so I can finally decide if I should endorse or not.”


Anonymous said...
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Bonn Juego said...

Hi Piolo! Indeed, please follow your mind, heart, and conscience in harmony. Hopefully, you consider supporting again the best candidate you supported in 2004. Remain blessed. -

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