Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Piolo Pascual Was Advised Against Playing the Bad Guy Role in Kimi Dora

Piolo Pascual is producing yet another movie, but this time it's not an indie production but a mainstream one. The movie will launch Eugene Domingo as a solo actress. And this film would determine if she's bankable enough.

Piolo is not producing the film by his own. He is just one of the many co-producers of the film, who fetched in time, talent, and effort to produce it. Even Eugene Domingo's leading man, Dingdong Dantes, was asked to chip in as a producer. But he begged off it and said he'll just star in it. The film's producer, Joyce Bernal, is one of its producers. It's highly probable that Eugene Domingo herself is also one of them.

In the movie though, there's one role that need to be filled - the antagonist role. Eugene is the lead character and Dingdong is her leading man. The on-screen bad guy's shoes is yet unassigned. Piolo Pascual is tempted to take it. But when he consulted with the big bosses of Star Magic, more particular with Mr. Johnny Manahan, he was advised against the idea of playing second fiddle con bad guy in the film. So Piolo remained in the background and Zanjoe Marudo was given the role.

Wise decision? Maybe. Star Magic knows what's best for him.

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