Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Piolo Pascual Working with DingDong Dantes in a Movie

Piolo Pascual is collaborating with DingDong Dantes in a movie. And the leading woman is no other than Eugene Domingo. It's might be exciting to see two beautiful men competing against one not-so-pretty woman. However, Piolo is not going to be an actor in the movie. Instead, he is going to be one of its producers.

It's a mainstream movie, not an indie movie as previously reported. KimiDora will become Eugene Domingo's launching movie and it is going to be a comedy flick. Piolo is just one of the many producers of the film.

KimiDora Kambal sa Kiyeme is going to be directed by Joyce Bernal, who also chips in as one of the movie's directors.

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