Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Piolo Pascual Gives KC a 5-Year Supply of Her Favorite Perfrume

KC uses the perfume Frederick Malle that can't be bought in the Philippines. So Piolo got this idea of buying the perfume in enormous quantities when he was in France for Cannes. Not a dozen or two - Piolo gave KC enough to last her 5 years worth of use.

Piolo was generous soul. And as for KC, the effort only showed how thoughtful he can really be. KC is being courted by Piolo, which people mistake for a publicity stunt for their upcoming teleserye, Lovers in Paris.

Piolo denies the fact that it's all for the sake of media leverage. In fact, he wants everything about him and KC as quiet as possible for people not to get the wrong impressions.

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