Sunday, December 7, 2008

Piolo Pascual as a Christian

In commemoration of the Christmas season and by the request of one of our avid readers, here's a feature on Piolo Pascual as a Christian and a man of God.

Piolo Pascual as a ChristianPiolo Pascual is a devout Christian, unknown to a lot of people. This true-to-life role that he took happened more than five years ago. And his life has taken a sudden positive turn hence.

Five years ago, Piolo Pascual re-established his relationships with God. Despite his hunk image, his rather high-paying job, and public prominence, he reassessed his life and found something missing – God.

After that incident, things are looking even better for Piolo. When he became part of the Christian community, he has transformed into a better person. He was able to go through his life’s and career’s challenges quite easily. With the right faith, he was able to achieve happiness and contentment. But more importantly, Piolo would like to be remembered not as a matinee idol but as a man of God. He would like to be the guy who stood for God and lived by faith.

Being close to his faith, Piolo feels blessed more everyday. At first, he said that his main intention when he entered show business is to have a work that pays well and be popular. But with all the things that came his way, he knows that God has a lot to do with them.

Piolo draws all his strength from the Almighty. It has helped him overcome all the scandals and intrigues that haunt him throughout his entire career. All these Piolo can withstand through the grace of God.

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