Saturday, December 20, 2008

Love Me Again Ready for Showing in Local Cinemas

Piolo Pascual Love Me AgainFinally, Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin's Love Me Again (previously Land Down Under) will be shown in local theaters. The long wait was extended even more when the movie didn't make it to the November screening.

Critics say that the movie can be Angel's benchmark regarding the rightness or wrongness of her decision to transfer to ABS-CBN. It seems like if the movie fairs well in the box office, she did the right thing. If it didn't then the whole brouhaha of changing networks had caused her career to drown down under.

Piolo Pascual could also be feeling the pressure, because a lot of non-believers didn't think that Lobo rated well enough to justify Angel's transfer. Even so, the pair looked good together and they are talented artists, especially Angel who has bloomed fully as a real actress after making the move.

The movie will be well supported by fans. and It will surely be the first box office movie of 2009. Piolo and Angel need not worry much.

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