Friday, February 26, 2010

Piolo Pascual to Move to Another Station?

Maricel Gaskell, a fortune teller and a female psychic, was not so long ago interviewed in GMA 7's Startalk to predict the future of some of the famous stars today. This is in line with the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Piolo Pascual, being one of the sought-after stars this decade is one of those she had given predictions for. What she sees though for Piolo is that he will move to another station. To which station and why, she cannot say.

She also said that he will travel more and have a higher demand abroad. She advises Piolo not to open any new business this year. She also added that certain intrigues could affect the smooth-sailing pattern of his career.

Could it be that intrigue that will push Piolo to leave ABS-CBN? Would it be good for his career? And how credible Maricel Gaskell a psychic is? We'll soon find out when the future she laid before Piolo happened for real.


Anonymous said...

i recently remembered maricel gaskell said in the article of butch francisco last feb 18 that judy ann will get pregnant and should take care of her health during pregancy and last friday news, judy ann is pregnant and scared because of health issues.

Anonymous said...

i remembered maricel gaskell saying in one of the articles of butch francisco last feb 18 that maricel soriano will be doing projects with a new production outfit...maricel soriano is very happy because of the vip treatment she is getting at ABC5.

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