Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lobo Episode 6/25: Noah Still Worried about Lyka's Disappearance

Noah, played by Piolo Pascual in ABS-CBN's Fantaserye hit Lobo, turned to alcohol as he become frustrated days after he still can't find his wife, Lyka. Lyka was abducted by Anton, who desperately tries to restore her back to human form. She seemed to have become wolf for good after her wedding to Noah. Anton blindly loves Lyka and wants to keep her away from Noah.

Noah dishes out his frustrations on Gabby, his best friend who apparently have feelings for him too. Noah doesn't know that Gabby knows where Lyka is. But she isn't going to tell because she secretly joined Anton on a plot that would divide werewolves and humans forever, in the hope of having Noah for herself.

In his grief, Noah remembered how Trixie was able to predict the things that would befall, saving his life in the process. He sought Trixie and asked him to help him find Lyka through her powers of premonition.

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